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DataCater can stream insertions and updates processed by a data pipeline to HubSpot CRM objects.
At the moment, the connector supports the HubSpot CRM objects Contacts, Companies, and Deals.


This sink connector supports the following configuration options:
HubSpot API key
The API key of your HubSpot account.
HubSpot CRM object
The HubSpot CRM object to use for ingesting data. Choose between Contacts, Companies, Custom objects, and Deals.
Attribute used for deduplication
When streaming updates to HubSpot, DataCater can use one of the HubSpot properties to deduplicate objects such that updates are applied to existing objects in HubSpot. By default, DataCater uses the property email for deduplicating contacts, domain for companies, and dealname for deals.
Associated HubSpot CRM object
DataCater can automatically manage associations with other objects from the HubSpot CRM. DataCater can associate contacts with companies, companies with contacts, and deals with contacts or companies.
Local attribute to use for association
The attribute of the pipeline that provides a value to use for searching the to-be-associated object. This attribute is not synced to HubSpot.
Foreign attribute to use for association
The property of the to-be-associated HubSpot CRM object type to use for searching matching objects.