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DataCater uses a JDBC-based connector for streaming data change events from data pipelines to MySQL.
When assigning a MySQL sink to a data pipeline, the user must map the schema of the pipeline to the schema of the MySQL index.


Please make sure that the MySQL user has been granted the following permissions for the used database and table: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.
You may grant these permissions to an existing user with the following SQL query:
mysql> GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE ON [database_name].[table_name] TO '[username]'@'[ip_of_datacater_installation]';


This sink connector supports the following configuration options:
Hostname or IP
The hostname or IP address of the machine where MySQL is running.
The port under which MySQL is available (default: 3306).
Whether to use SSL when connecting to the MySQL database or not.
The username used for authenticating with MySQL.
The password of the user used for authenticating with MySQL.
Server timezone
Timezone of the MySQL server (default: UTC).
Database name
The name of the database that should be used as sink.
Table name
The name of the database table that should be used as sink. You may retrieve the list of tables available in the given MySQL database by clicking on Fetch table names.
Insert mode
INSERT: Only perform INSERT statements, which resembles an append-only mode.
UPSERT: Perform INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.
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